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When: April 18
About: Ford Focus
20 miles or bust
When: March 27
About: Ford Taurus
Empty tank
When: March 17
About: Mitsubishi Galant
WOW is this a good truck.
When: March 12
About: Volkswagen Tiguan
Low Fuel Challenge
When: March 6
About: Volvo S40
Team with K-9
When: February 21
About: Pontiac Aztek
300,000 miles
When: February 15
About: Dodge Caravan
fuel left
When: January 31
About: Ford Econoline
Made it almost home.
When: January 20
About: Dodge Caliber
Oops, forgot to fuel up!
When: January 15
About: Nissan Xtrail
2012 Mitsubishi Galant
When: January 10
About: Mitsubishi Galant
75 miles safety after light comes on
When: January 9
About: Toyota Corolla
Very accurate gas gauge
When: December 11, 2013
About: BMW M3
Wish me luck!
When: October 30, 2013
About: Chevrolet Traverse
after empty at o.oo
When: October 15, 2013
About: Acura TL
86 f-150
When: October 14, 2013
About: Ford F-150
156000 mis 2004
When: October 8, 2013
About: Ford Explorer
My Scion TC
When: September 11, 2013
About: Scion tC
Strange Mileage Readings
When: September 11, 2013
About: Honda CR-V
49 miles = 80Km
When: September 10, 2013
About: Dodge Caliber

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