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2006 reg cab 2.7 base model 4x4
When: 3 days ago
About: Toyota Tacoma
City - 82.2 till turn-off & 129.6 hwy
When: July 15
About: Saab 9-5
poor thing
When: July 2
About: Chrysler Sebring
Was nuts...
When: June 25
About: Ford Taurus
30 miles to my destination
When: June 23
About: Nissan Sentra
Miles after empty light comes on
When: June 19
About: Cadillac STS
A good reason to keep your tank at least 1/4 full
When: June 14
About: Ford Explorer
When: June 4
About: Dodge Journey
Gas light vs range left 0
When: May 23
About: Mazda 3
damn even past athens
When: May 21
About: Chrysler PT Cruiser
Thank Heaven
When: May 12
About: Kia Soul
more then I imagined
When: May 9
About: Chrysler Town & Country
When: May 8
About: Chevrolet Cruze
Simply Amazing
When: May 7
About: Honda Ridgeline
When: April 18
About: Ford Focus
20 miles or bust
When: March 27
About: Ford Taurus
Empty tank
When: March 17
About: Mitsubishi Galant
WOW is this a good truck.
When: March 12
About: Volkswagen Tiguan
Low Fuel Challenge
When: March 6
About: Volvo S40
Team with K-9
When: February 21
About: Pontiac Aztek

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