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Did I Step Into The Wrong Comments Section?

August 4, 2022 about Oldsmobile Bravada

Sorry, but don't misgender my vehicle folks. It's a Kia Soul born in an el dorado's body, and thanks to evil climate change my dorado's ran out of death juice. Thank goodness Biden did the right thing and shut down nearly all of the domestic oil production. So what if we still consume the same amount of gas just at twice the cost and while producing twice the co2 while shipping it overseas? at least people can see our virtue. we care about the environment. we also care about black lives, even though the historically low black unemployment rate Trump ushered in was decimated within months through artificially extending unemployment entitlements and opening up the borders, but that was needed because all immigration is good and there's no such thing as bad and certainly not illegal. sex trafficking has seen the largest spike since they've been collecting the data and border agents are seeing 'panty trees' regularly plus there's enough fentanyl crossing through to exterminate an entire state, but at least we look like we care, because we hate white people, especially men. that's how you know we are good. Heck, we'll give afghanistan back over to the butchers which will use children for target practice while Trump had Palestine making peace with Israel, but WE are the smart, well informed ones. Not you ikky, cheeto-voting hillbillies.By the way, people are only asking if gasoline will eat through the plastic, not about the moral conundrum. It won't by the way, just keep it on the down low and also, good luck trying to get it in the dang tank. that's an issue.

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