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Pushing It But Getting Scared

September 27, 2008 about Ford Taurus

I watched the story on TV about not having to fill-up till behond the E mark & I have been pushing it myself only because I am on a fixed income of Disability & the not so nice prices of gas right now makes that easy. However I am rethinking my bright thoughts not to refill or even get too low to get out of town! What happens if my town (So. Cal.) has yet another fire/emerg.(July '08) & we all have to evacuate? As much as I want to keep pushing-it, it would not be worth it if my 8 yr. old son & I had to get out of town NOW! Then after reading about having to have repairs in excess of $400 because I made the wrong choice is not one I can afford at this point in time! Also I have seen on TV that there are some places that will only let you purchase a small amt. of gas & it's not enough to fill-up! Some stations are closed all together. I am going to fill-up my tank tommarrow & not let it go under 1/2 a tank in the future! The only excuse I can think of to use the info. from the show & this web-site is when I get to travel long distance & am not too close to a town with services, I don't have to stress-out so bad until I make it to a bigger town to fill-up again. I apreciate the my knowledge for that purpose only! Thanx but no thanx. Or is that tanks or no tanks!

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November 4, 2008 by Mary

if you fart in the tank it will sometimes relieve the pressure on you.

January 8, 2009 by Bernie Madoff

I was pushing really hard. For some reason I could not pinch that enormous log out of my anus. Then I read your story and I laughed so hard I poopied in my new suit.

January 22 by Rosa

I wrote this to the fat and chunky ocaticupon soldier: Arash, can you show me evidence for this, tt wasn’t Israel who supported Arab armies whose only goal was to slaughter the Jews, it wasn’t Israel who acted like barbaric animals in rejecting the Jewish state and conspiring to murder every single one of them. Show me the documentation that shows Arab armies collaborated intimately with each other to destroy every single Jew. Please show me. Id love the evidence for that. Do you have any idea what was going on in the Arab world at that time? Do you know about Abdullah and Farouq? Is it bullying to ask for evidence?

February 16 by Sasi

Option one: Two fancy goldfishopotin two:female (Not male! ) betta fish. opotin three:A mix of Kuhli loaches , and guppies. Option four:Platy fish. Five:Mollys six (community tank):Female bettas, Angle fish, a few mollys, and kuhli loaches.Many, MANY more. Just remember goldfish need twenty gallons for the first one, and ten gallons for each additional fish. and, the only fish that will get along with one of them are Kuhli loaches and Koi. Make sure you have a double power filter and check your water often I love animals.

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