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June 22, 2007 about Ford Taurus

I am sure 3 gallons are left when the light comes on, havent run out yet but at 21 mpg city should have around 60 some miles.

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May 20, 2008 by Mike R

That's what I'm figuring. After putting about 10 bucks(3.95/gal) in my tank, I allowed it to run down until the light popped on once. Then I added 1 gallon, checked until that light came on again, checked the odometer, I got about 20 mpg city (Chicago). So now I'm adding fuel as I need it, planning all but the shortest trips. The light is not 'linear', it seems to come on based on how you drive and what's in the tank, but if I skip the first light, I'll refuel on the second, just to avoid that fuel pump problem. My Taurus is a 2003 model.

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