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"Wow, I Don'T Remember That Lake"

June 22, 2007 about Honda Civic

6 relatively healthy college students set forth to attempt the 40 minute journey from Pomona, CA to Wrightwood, CA. We took a wrong turn. We drove 20 miles into the wrong mountain range, with our gas light turning on just as we realized we were lost. As I was the navigator, blame falls solely on my shoulders, but it's not my fault that the driver wanted to continue on to find a gas station in the next town, instead of driving back to the interstate where gas was assured.

Our 40 minute trip took 3 hours, but I'll never forget our spunky little Civic, which refused to give up despite the lack of precious fuel. 10 miles up the mountain to the next town + 10 miles back down when then didn't have gas + 10 miles back to the interstat = 30 miles on empty.

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April 21, 2008 by The smart guy

Now, Honda is a company who has cheap parts that work like 1 billion dollars. You probably had a gallon left. Honda Civic's tend to run 40 miles per gallon.

April 23, 2008 by mary kate


May 25, 2008 by coolman

Why didn't you go back to the interstate?

November 25, 2008 by jo jo

running on empty yeeeeaaaahhhh

January 22 by Maryline

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